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Use OPALS to find out if we have more books on your topic and request as needed.

  1. Go to OPALS Pathfinder page and select VT IDU pathfinder.
  2. If your topic is on the list, click the topic name. 
  3. Browse the list of book resources that we have in the library.
  4. If you see a book you would like to use, check the book cart to see if it is already there. 
  5. If the book is not on the book cart, contact the library and we will bring the book to add to the cart. 

How to contact the library with book requests, questions, or research help:

email Ms. Towle or Office Hours daily 8-3 on Google Meet, nickname: library

Magazines available in the Library:

Vermont Magazine

Northern Woodlands 

Library Databases

You can search your topics in these databases. Try searching your topic and Vermont...


  • cows AND Vermont
  • sailing AND vermont
  • Circus Smirkus 
  • IBM AND Vermont
  • hunting AND Vermont
  • farming AND Vermont

Lamoille Database passwords here.

Local Newspapers

Go to the source...does the topic/company/town have a website?

Eden, VT

Vermont 1777: Early Steps Against Slavery

VT State Parks


Vermont Covered Bridge Society

VT Hiking

Snowflake Bentley

Agricultural Fairs






Reptiles and Amphibians