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Blue & Gold

Mr. Potvin,, 802-851-1239

The Blue & Gold is a student led newspaper dedicated to reporting information about our community. From hosting interviews and writing articles, to paper formatting and mixed media, The Blue & Gold is committed to producing quality news and entertainment.

Chess Club

Mr. Hutchins,, 802-851-1243

Want to learn about chess?  In this club we learn about chess, compete, improve ourselves, and chill out.  Come just to play and have fun OR join the defending Vermont State High School 2023 Championship Team in defending our title!

Club of the Arts

Ms. Russotti,, 802-851-1215

If you have a crafty or creative side and want to connect with others who share a love of art, this club is for you! Join us for a fun and welcoming environment where you can work on your own projects, collaborate with others and work on projects to brighten up our community. No prior experience or materials are required– just come with a positive attitude and some creative ideas!

Crafty Creations

Mrs. Frankfurter,, 802-851-1221 
Rita Graves,, 802-851-1374

Come have some fun and create origami, make bracelets, necklaces, paint, draw, dolor, knit, sew and a host of other creative outlets.  The sky's the limit!

Dance Club

Ms. Nichole Lefaivre,, 802-851-1352

We meet once a week to work on our dance technique and create a dance routine that is performed in our winter and spring recitals!

Diamond Life

Ms. Sheldon,, 802-851-1345
Mr. Trombulak,, 802-851-1210

Softball is the sport of champions. Come live your best life -- the Diamond Life.

Disc Golf Club

Mr. Porter,, 802-851-1344

Learn to play disc golf, or come to perfect your skills!

Gaming Club

Mr. Love,, 802-851-1343

If you have an interest/ passion in trading card games or any interest in role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons, this might be the spot for you!

Gardening Club

Mr. O'Toole,, 802-851-1234

The garden club is a student run club that thrives on helping students make a deeper connection with plants.  Our club's purpose is to provide a social setting where friendships happen, beautify the school and coordinate activities and trips where students can learn to appreciate both plants and gardening.


Ms. Parker,, 802-851-1233

Genealogy is the study of our ancestors. Join us each Friday to learn more about your family or another family of interest, tracing vital records and other relevant information. This explore group encourages investigative and research as well as good citation skills.


Amber Carbine-March,, 802-851-1285

GLOW is our school's Queer-Straight Alliance.  Students and staff of all gender identities and sexual orientations are enthusiastically invited to join as we have fun, support one another, and work to create a school and wider community that is safe, affirming, and inclusive of all people.

Guitar Center

Ms. Maroney,, 802-851-1373

Guitar Center is your one stop shop for all things guitar. Jam with your friends, listen to music, practice your skills, or learn something new. Bring your own guitar or borrow one from the school.

International Club

Mrs. Cooney,, 802-851-1203

The International Club will be traveling again in the 2024-2025 school year.  The destination is Puerto Rico! Students can sign up here:  Explorica.

The International Club’s main purpose is the education of students through the experiences of traveling to foreign nations (we do travel within the US on occasion!) and cultures. Self-reliance, responsibility, people skills, cultural customs, etiquette and respect are some of the lessons that the students learn on each adventure. Whether it is maneuvering through the timetables and security of airports or mustering courage to try escargot, all aspects and every moment of an International Club’s trips are ingredients in this mobile classroom. It is these lessons that are absorbed and evolve our club members from one dimensional students into multi-dimensional citizens of the Earth.

Library Time!

Ms. Towle,, 802-851-1245

Come to the library for a place to work on academic pursuits, passion projects, or other creative endeavors. Find books and then find a comfy seat where you can read them. 

Use the Lancer Lounge where you can craft, LEGO, drink tea, create jewelry, knit things, make buttons, use fuse beads, and so much more. The library space will be available during this time for students to study, create, or just have a place to be. 

LNSU Equity and Inclusion Club

Ms. Davies,, 802-851-1569

A group of students and staff at partnering with the company UP for learning in which we have meaningful and impactful conversations about our district and equity and inclusion in said district.

Math Club

Mr. Girouard,, 802-851-1342

We are problem solvers that are up for any challenge and share a love for math. We meet weekly, study, and have fun. We also go to competitions throughout the school year.  Come join us Thursday during office hours. We're all fun and games until someone loses an i.


Ms. West,, 802-851-1317
Ms. Hopkins,, 802-851-1211

Mountain Bike Club

Mr. Potvin,, 802-851-1239  
Mr. Williams,, 802-851-1279

The Lamoille Union Mountain Bike Club promotes community, a positive healthy lifestyle, and environmentalism through weekly group trail rides and ongoing stewardship of the Lamoille Union Cricket Hill trail network.  

National Honor Society

Ms. Reed,, 802-851-1252

Eligibility for the Lamoille Chapter of the National Honor Society eligibility for membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character, and is open by faculty election to juniors and seniors. 

One Act Plays

Mr. Von Behren,, 802-851-1230

Learning theater skills and creating a fun comedy play!

Open Gym

Mr. Lesauskis,, 802-851-1249

Open Studio

Ms. Likhite,, 802-851-1237
Ms. Russotti,, 802-851-1215

A place for self directed artistic exploration.

Performing Arts Company

Mr. Grenier,  

The Performing Arts Company (PAC) puts on our annual fundraiser "Haunted High" each October. Funds raised from this event go towards a trip for PAC (usually to a Broadway performance.) We also donate funds to our performing arts classes here at Lamoille Union. PAC helps provide extra performing opportunities to students in grades 9 - 12. You don't have to have a performing arts background to join, anyone can participate!

We always need students to join our "Scare Team" for Haunted High! If you are interested, please reach out to Mr. Grenier!

Prom Committee

Ms. Sheldon,, 802-851-1345

Planning the 2024 Junior Prom!

Quiet Learning Space

Mr. Ramirez,, 802-851-1320


Mr. Girouard,, 802-851-1342

Want to learn about robotics, engineering, and programming? Join the robotics club to design and build a custom robot to compete against other local schools. The club meets during explore time and from 3-4:30 on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Song Writing

Mr. Race,, 802-851-1222

Bring your acoustic instrument and a song idea, and we'll put melody and lyrics together!

Sports Analysis

Mr. Davis,, 802-851-1281

Sports Analysis is a club that allows students to learn about sports they are interested in through film breakdown and analytics. It allows students and athletes to see the analytical side of the sports and helps see the decision-making from an analysis perspective. 

Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Mr. Davis,, 802-851-1281

This is a committee of student-athletes that provide insight into their experience. The committee offers input on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student-athletes. The committee also provides insight on making games, events, and the experience more engaging and increase attendance.

Student Council

Ms. Towle,, 802-851-1245

The Student Council’s principle purposes are as follows: to serve as a liaison between students and the administration; to enhance school spirit; to promote school activities such as homecoming and dances; to promote community service activities. Each class elects representatives to the council; the council elects Treasurer and Secretary. The student body elects President and VP. All voting members must be in good standing with the administration.

Take a Hike!

Ms. Chayer,, 802-851-1248

Join me every Friday during Explore time to take a leisure walk on the Cricket Hill trails.  Meet first in room B-210 to take attendance.  Enjoy a walk along with friends.  Remember to dress for the weather.

Theatre Tech

Mr. Von Behren,, 802-851-1230

This is a hands-on class learning about lighting, sound, projections, stage management, and all the many things that make a performance meaningful for the audience. It's perfect for people who love the thrill of a performance, but do not wish to be onstage themselves.  Students will volunteer time after normal school hours to work at performances.

Try Something New

Amber Carbine-March,, 802-851-1285   
Ms. Hoffman,, 802-851-1227

Want to get out of your comfort zone?  A head stand?  A new food?  Stand up comedy?  Join Kim and Amber for an explore group where YOU can explore new skills, talents, and silly pursuits.

Upward Bound

Mr. McKenna,, 802-851-1225

Upward bound is a group that helps students to connect with college and higher learning opportunities. Students participate in community building exercises, community service, and fun excursions! Students who are part of the program are connected with the VSUJ mentors that give test prep, help with college application, and financial advice and support!  Over the summer students are given the opportunity to experience college life on campus as well as educational trips to places like Hawaii and Orlando, Florida! Students meet weekly with Mr. McKenna as well as representatives from the college. This club is open to anyone seeking out opportunities to pursue their education after graduation, with our main goal being to support first generation students who may not have the opportunity otherwise!

Ultimate Frisbee

Mr. Whitlock,, 802-851-1229

Come and join us!  No experience necessary!

Video Gaming Club

Mr. Williams,, 802-851-1279

Gaming enthusiasts assemble ! We will have various systems and a variety of games available. Try your luck at retro and contemporary titles. Students will be able to bring in their own console with a waiver. Consoles will be stored in a secure locked space on Fridays prior to the start of Video Game Club. Any questions please check with Mr. Williams.

Volunteer Club

Ms. Burke,, 802-851-1226   
Ms. O'Toole,, 802-851-1228

We are compiling a list of volunteer opportunities in our community. Our goal is to create a database of options that students can reference to complete volunteer hours for NHS, college applications, or resumes.  We meet in A-204 on Fridays during engage time. 

Yearbook Club

Ms. Parker  802-851-1233

Students work on the LUHS Yearbook by creating pages, taking photos, and engaging in community outreach.  Yearbooks are available to purchase at the end of the year.

Zen Den

Ms. Lyon,   
Ms. Altman,     

The Zen Den is a place to learn a variety of concepts and practical tools to help reduce stress, lower anxiety, and chill out!  We will be exploring various techniques like meditation, breathwork, yoga, pilates, massage, foot reflexology, sound therapy, and more.  Come join Ms. Lyon and Ms. Altman and get zen!