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Alternative Fiction

Mr. McKenna     802-851-1225

Alt-Fi is a club for all students interested in science fiction, fantasy, anime, and other alternative genres. Meets Wednesdays from 3-5.  See Mr. McKenna if you have any questions!

Chess Club

Mr. Hutchins     802-851-1243

Want to learn about chess?  In this club we learn about chess, compete, improve ourselves, and chill out.  Come just to play and have fun OR join the defending Vermont State High School 2022 Championship Team in defending our title!

Club of the Arts

Ms. French    

Every month, students gather in Art1 to have a special workshop with a different topic every time, including monster mugs and shibori tie dye.  Students may also work on a project of their choosing with any of the supplies the art room has to offer. Join us and make some art!

Dance Club

Ms. Nichole Lefaivre     802-851-1352

We meet once a week to work on our dance technique and create a dance routine that is performed in our winter and spring recitals!

Gaming Club

Ms. Rubinstein  802-851-1215

Students in grades 9-12 gather to play board games, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons.


Amber Carbine-March and Kim Hoffman  802-851-1285, 802-851-1227

GLOW is our school's Queer-Straight Alliance.  Students and staff of all gender identities and sexual orientations are enthusiastically invited to join as we have fun, support one another, and work to create a school and wider community that is safe, affirming, and inclusive of all people.

International Club

Mrs. Cooney     802-851-1203

The International Club is staying nationally this year (22-23) by going to the Grand Canyon during April break.  The deadline to sign up is January 5, 2023!

The International Club’s main purpose is the education of students through the experiences of traveling to foreign nations (we do travel within the US on occasion!) and cultures. Self-reliance, responsibility, people skills, cultural customs, etiquette and respect are some of the lessons that the students learn on each adventure. Whether it is maneuvering through the timetables and security of airports or mustering courage to try escargot, all aspects and every moment of an International Club’s trips are ingredients in this mobile classroom. It is these lessons that are absorbed and evolve our club members from one dimensional students into multi-dimensional citizens of the Earth.

Marching Band

Ms. Maroney    802-851-1254

The Lamoille Marching Band is made up of all students in the middle and high school bands, plus members of the Lamoille Color Guard. We march in multiple parades each year, including two in September and three in May. We practice during regular band time, and occasionally after school in the spring.

Mountain Bike Club

Mr. Potvin     802-851-1239

The Lamoille Union Mountain Bike Club promotes community, a positive healthy lifestyle, and environmentalism through weekly group trail rides and ongoing stewardship of the Lamoille Union Cricket Hill trail network.  

National Honor Society

Ms. Reed     802-851-1252

Eligibility for the Lamoille Chapter of the National Honor Society eligibility for membership is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character, and is open by faculty election to juniors and seniors. Members must maintain a minimum of these qualities and an excellent academic record.  Members who resign or are dismissed are never again eligible for membership or its benefits.

Performing Arts Club

Ms. Lague

The Performing Arts Club (PAC) is a fun and energetic environment where students can come together to pursue their love for the performing arts. While the PAC is most famous for Haunted High, an annual event where the school is turned into a large haunted house for tour groups to go through, other notable events have included improv nights, talent shows, and variety shows. Through fundraising, the club will also often attend a play together as a group. 


Mr. Girouard  802-851-1342

Want to learn about robotics, engineering, and programming? Join the robotics club to design and build a custom robot to compete against other local schools. The club meets during explore time and from 3-4:30 on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Scholars' Bowl

Mr. LaClair     802-851-1373

Mr. Bologna     802-851-1247

Scholars' Bowl is a no-holds-barred battle of the brains. Do you know things? Would you like to to know MORE things?! Then Scholars' Bowl is for you! If you can't get enough of math, science, history, literature, music, art, language or any other subject, then join Scholars' Bowl! Lamoille Scholars' Bowl: Nerdy and proud since 1967.

Student Council

Mr. LaClair     802-851-1373

The Student Council’s principle purposes are as follows: to serve as a liaison between students and the administration; to enhance school spirit; to promote school activities such as homecoming and dances; to promote community service activities. Each class elects representatives to the council; the council elects Treasurer and Secretary. The student body elects President and VP. All voting members must be in good standing with the administration.


Ms. Hile     802-851-1360

Mr. Trombulak     802-851-1210

The tennis club runs from April until June, and  is for students of all levels and abilities to work on basic through advanced skills and match play. Forehands, backhands, serves, volleys, movement on the court, strategy, doubles and singles game play, and scoring are just some of the skills we cover. We meet at Northern Vermont University on Wednesdays 3:30-5:00. Transportation not provided.  All are welcome!



Mr. Johnstone     802-851-1256

Ms. Maroney    802-851-1254

An international Program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 10-12. Members are carefully selected according to musicianship, academic achievement, community service, leadership and character.

Upward Bound

Mr. McKenna    802-851-1225

Yearbook Club

Ms. Parker  802-851-1233

Students work on the LUHS Yearbook by creating pages, taking photos, and engaging in community outreach.  Yearbooks are available to purchase at the end of the year.