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Lamoille Athletics:

Tim Messier - High School Athletic Director - 802-851-1333

Stacy Stokes - Middle School Athletic Director - 802-851-1287



Sports News:

High School Athletic Guidelines

Varsity Boys' Soccer Coach - Peter Rossi

Varsity Girls' Soccer Coach - Amy Sparks

JV Girls' Soccer Coach - Dana Bournes

Varsity Cross Country Coach - Jeffrey Beal


BFA Fairfax/Lamoille Football Grades (9-12)

Coach Craig Sleeman –, (802-922-7646)


High School Girls’ Soccer Grades (9-12)

Coach Amy Sparks-



High School Boys’ Soccer Grades (9-12)

Coach Peter Rossi -  (802-730-3201)

Assistant Coach Jake Benoit –  


High School Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Grades (9-12)

Coach Jeff Beal-


High School Golf (Boys’ and Girls' 9-12)

Coach Mike Sibenaller-


High School Bass Fishing – (Boys’ and Girls’ 9-12)

Due to the many sport specific and unique characteristics of this relatively new VPA Fall Sport athletic opportunity, Athletic Director Tim Messier will be holding an informational Bass Fishing meeting on Tuesday, August 16th after the Fall Sports meeting in the theater when attendees break into sport specific groupings. All aspects of the sport including all guidelines/requirements, the event schedule and participation information will be shared with interested student athletes and their parent/guardians.


2022 Lamoille Union High School Boys Varsity Soccer Games

2022 Lamoille Union High School Girls Soccer Games

2022 Lamoille Union High School JV Boys Soccer Games

2022 Lamoille Union High School Cross-Country Meets

2022 Football Games