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What is a capstone project?

"All students will complete a capstone project, through which students will demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and work habits by conducting in-depth research, using technological applications, producing a high-quality exhibition of learning, and presenting their research and findings to a review panel.”  Students will choose a personally meaningful topic and inquiry question to research and complete a project around. They will design a proposal, set goals, engage in academic research, do field research, develop community connections through at least one community partner, create some sort of product, build a panel, share their work, and reflect on the process.

What is the objective of a capstone project?

Students will design and carry out a personally meaningful educational endeavor through making connections with the greater community, engaging in research, reflection, and publicly sharing their experience and new learning.

Capstone Process (short version)

Capstone Project Process (full version)

Capstone Project Proposal Form