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What is a Capstone Project?

All LUHS seniors complete a capstone as part of their graduation requirements. Your capstone is a multi-part project focused on a topic of interest to you. Around your topic, you will:

  • Conduct research about your topic.

  • Connect with experts, professionals, or community members.

  • Complete your personally-designed project (most capstone projects consist of multiple elements).

  • Present your progress to a panel of your teachers and peers.


How can I complete my capstone?

There are several different paths to completing your capstone, depending on how you’re completing your last year of high school. Each path has slightly different requirements which are detailed below:

  • Students are encouraged to enroll in the Capstone Seminar, a ½ credit elective course for seniors. The Capstone Seminar emphasizes self-directed learning, where you set your goals for the week and work to complete them on your own, with the support of the seminar teacher.

  • Students can complete their capstone through their GMTCC program. Click here for the modified GMTCC capstone requirements.  Here is the link

  • Students can complete their capstone through their Early College enrollment. Click here for the modified Early College capstone requirements.  Here is the link

  • Students who wish to complete their capstone independently must consult with their school counselor and then complete the independent capstone plan found here.

Note: Completing the capstone independently is NOT the same as completing an independent study course. Independent capstones can meet the graduation requirement, but do not count as an elective credit.



Speak with your guidance counselor or the teacher of the Capstone Seminar for more information!