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Alumni Spotlight!

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Dakota Dubie, Class of 2014

Occupation: Owner of Local Electric

Favorite LUHS Teacher: Kathy Cummings

Favorite LUHS Memory:  My favorite LUHS memory was my Junior year in electrical year #1 when we had a class mountain biking trip to Cadys Falls. It was an all around perfect day! My mind often flashes back to that memory. 

How did you get to where you are today?  I truly believe that I got to where I am today from the support and guidance of my family and friends. I was always encouraged to follow my dreams while forced to work hard from an early age. My first job was milking cows after school at 13. I would ride my bike to and from the farm to work for a few hours and make $6.25 an hour. It wasn’t a glamorous start by any means. I then decided I wanted to apply for the tech center. Thankfully I was accepted into the electrical program and that is what has guided me to where I am today. Dana Jourdan was an excellent teacher who made class both interesting and fun. After the tech center, I continued night school for electrical and worked for Locke Electric. I learned early morning, late nights and weekend work was going to help me succeed in life. Fast forward to when I met my wife in 2016, she owned her own business and that is what sparked my interest in starting my own electrical business. Local Electric has been operating since 2017 and has employed over 15 GMTCC grads. 





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